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We value our patients' experience at De Sesa Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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YouTube testimonials

Professional Poker player suffering from neck pain and headaches.

Santa Clarita resident's low back pain is almost gone and he lost 12 pounds!

Valencia man gets relief from dizziness, neck pain and back pain.

Pediatric patient with asthma breaths better after first visit and is sleeping better.

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Written testimonials

When I first started going to Dr. De Sesa in 2013 for a lower back issue, I thought I knew what to expect because I had been going to chiropractors since I was a little girl. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the great care and time Dr. De Sesa took with me. He asked important questions that no other doctor had asked me. I have never had such a thorough exam from a chiropractor. Although I call him my back doctor, he really is a whole health doctor. Dr. De Sesa is big on prevention and halting further degeneration of the neck and spine. He has taught me great stretching and strengthening exercises and talked about diet. I know I am healthier and happier since I have been seeing Dr. De Sesa. --Tami Cox (December 2016)

I suffered from chronic back pain for years despite seeing several chiropractors and physical therapists. Finally a co-worker referred me to Dr. De Sesa and the results have been nothing less than fantastic. My back pain kept me from activities I truly enjoyed such as golf, tennis and snow skiing. In fact, getting in or out of the car was very difficult. Dr. De Sesa was the only chiropractor that did x-rays and sat down with me to discuss what was causing my pain and how we would correct it. Within several months, the pain was gone and I was back to playing sports. --Ira Gottshall (September 2016)

I've been Dr. De Sesa's patient for over a year and love all the staff. I've seen major improvements in the health of my spine since I started chiropractic for my back and feet. Dr. De Sesa found that my L5 and L4 were misaligned through all the sports and daily activities. My body has significantly improved with the recommended adjustments, exercises, and Aja's (the massage therapist) help. I am able to resume the activities I enjoy the most. I've noticed my flexibility has improved and the quality of my life is far more enjoyable now that I am pain free. Have a problem? Don't think twice about improving your vessel of life with chiropractic and Dr. De Sesa. --Andrew Portillo (August 2016)

I thought my chronic back and neck pain was just something I had to live with. I was miserable 90 percent of the time, always complaining about being in pain, taking pain medication after pain medication. I first came to Dr. De Sesa for treatment because one day I woke up with an unbearable pain in my neck. I couldn't move my head without crying out in pain. I was having trouble getting through an entire work day and wasn't sleeping. After a week of trying to just 'make it through the day,' I decided to try to find relief. When I called Dr. De Sesa, he scheduled me the same day, listened to my concerns, and made a treatment plan. From that first visit, I felt like Dr. De Sesa truly cared about my well being, was very attentive and made me feel like there was relief in sight. While my initial concern was my neck pain, Dr. De Sesa's treatment plan was to not only relieve my pain, but to correct the underlining causes of the pain and correct my other chronic pain areas. My treatment plan consisted of adjustments, stretches, strengthening exercises and homework assignments. In the last year I have had amazing progress. I have increased mobility, reduced headaches, and greatly reduced pain and stress shoulder tension. I have more energy, better sleep, and overall am feeling great! --Nikki Franklin (May 2016)

I've known Dr. De Sesa for quite a few years, and besides being an experienced and caring chiropractor, he's above all an honest, loving person, which makes therapy and consultation with Dr. De Sesa a pleasure. Last month I had a very bad attack of sciatica. I was in much pain, and had to take a couple days off from work. Thanks to Dr. De Sesa, I was back in shape in a few days, and have continued to feel very good. Through monthly sessions with Dr. De Sesa, I've managed to stay in shape. I would highly recommend Dr. De Sesa's services. --Allen Hebert (Saugus)

I have been to several chiropractors in my time. I have had some good ones and a couple of not so good ones. You see, for me, it is always in the touch. If the touch feels RIGHT, then I know everything is going to be ok. Most chiropractors are very rough. Not the case with Dr. De Sesa. When he works on you, it is not just getting "cracked." Dr. De Sesa is very thorough and makes my aches and pains feel better. I don't know what people do who haven't experienced chiropractic care. Everyone needs it and as I always tell him that HE’S THE BEST!! --Carrie Johnson (Valencia)

Dr Roger De Sesa has been a big help to my lower back problems. Prior to coming in for my initial visit, my lower back would at times feel discomfort whenever I would move quickly, from sudden turns or jolts. Lately, I haven't had those problems thanks to the care of Dr De Sesa. My 1st visit to his office made me feel at ease with him and his procedures. You always hear about different chiropractors and problems people have had. Dr De Sesa took the time to get to know me and the problems with my back. He did a complete evaluation including x-rays and went over these with me to let me see what he was going to do with my back. I have been seeing Dr. De Sesa for about two months now and I am impressed with his ability to accommodate me on short notice if I need a follow up adjustment. I find this very satisfying in a chiropractor. I would recommend Dr. De Sesa to my friends and family. --Jeff Morreale (Stevenson Ranch)

I wish I could tell everyone how much better I feel since I began receiving chiropractic care from you (Dr. De Sesa) last year. The chronic neck pain, the lower back aches, even the kinks in my shoulders from sitting at my computer, are vastly improved. If I have a flare-up, I know that a visit or two will clear it up. Your treatments really work. You are unfailingly thorough, gentle, and effective. From my first visit, when you listened carefully to my complaints and examined me carefully I felt that I was in "good hands."  I particularly like your holistic approach to treatment. At your suggestion, I now exercise regularly and try to maintain a healthier life style. I take more responsibility for preventing problems, rather than just waiting for them to happen. And I genuinely credit you with initiating these changes. So, to anyone considering chiropractic care, I say "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?" It will be the beginning of a noticeable improvement in your health and well being. Thank you for your care. --Sunny Kraye (Valencia)

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